SPATEX Foundation

This fund has been set up to utilise some of the profits made from SPATEX to fund items and initiatives to benefit the wider industry.



There are 4 main categories for money to be claimed under and some examples are given below:


This could be to fund a course or to apply for a training bursary.



This might be to develop a course, or to provide suitable materials that would benefit the industry.


The industry may be asked by multi-agency groups to contribute towards the cost of important research.

Other Support

This could include other bids from groups or individuals that can demonstrate the relevance of their application.

Application Process

The SPATEX Foundation is overseen by the SPATEX Directors and it welcomes applications using the official application form at any time of the year, but please note that the applications will then be discussed at the next applicable Board meeting for a formal decision to be made.

Subject to any agreement for awarding funds, the money may be released immediately, or there may be a delay while the funds are topped up from the profits of future SPATEX shows.

For more details, please email using the subject heading ‘SPATEX Foundation’.