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Jolly Go - The Solar Shower


The Jolly Go Solar Shower, is a compact and elegant solution for those seeking a discreet yet high-capacity and practical solar shower.

With a 20L water volume, this eco-friendly shower operates entirely on solar energy, offering an easy and fast installation process.

The shower features a recyclable aluminum tower, available in six colors, including Capri Blue, Opal Green, Reseda Green, Terracotta, Anthracite, and Stainless Steel Paint.

The Jolly Go includes a foot rinse, a mixer, and a hand shower with a hose for convenient body rinsing without wetting one's hair. Standing at 120 cm, it is equipped with a fixation kit for easy installation.

This solar shower is not only functional but also environmentally friendly, making it a stylish and sustainable addition to any outdoor space.

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