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The Poolican is a versatile solution for pools up to 25m3, offering a comprehensive 4-in-1 system that includes circulation, filtration, salt electrolysis treatment, and a 5KW full inverter reversible heat pump with integrated Wi-Fi.

This plug-and-play device simplifies pool maintenance, providing ease of use through a smartphone application for convenient control.

It boasts a flow of 2-4m3/h, powered by a 0.75 CV motor and ensures a maximum production level with two modes: normal and boost. Poolican is easy to install—simply place it by the pool, connect it to the hydraulic system, and plug it into a mains socket.

The device combines essential pool elements into a single compact unit. With the convenience of smartphone control, users can manage temperature settings, circulation, filtration, and salt electrolysis programming.

The Poolican not only streamlines pool maintenance but also promotes eco-friendly practices.

The natural treatment provided by the electrolyser eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, and the Full Inverter functionality of the heat pump ensures energy efficiency without consumption peaks.

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