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Turbo Salt


The Turbo Salt Electrolyser for pool volumes ranging from 10 to 80m3, is a cutting-edge salt treatment system.

Designed for both above-ground and in-ground swimming pools, this compact and easily installable electrolysis treatment operates with low salinity (3g/L) and offers four main operating modes plus two Boost modes.

It comes with a control panel and cell, boasting a "Long Life" guarantee of 7,000 hours. This salt electrolysis treatment eliminates the need for chlorine tablets, relying on sea salt added to the water to generate chlorine through electrolysis.

The process forms a virtuous circle as the generated chlorine reverts to salt after disinfecting the pool.

The Turbo Salt not only provides financial savings but also eliminates chemical odors and the storage of chlorine tablets. It also has advantages such as being gentler on the skin, eyes, hair, and mucous membranes.

This treatment method helps maintain pool water freshness for a longer duration by using fewer chemicals, thus avoiding stabilizer saturation from chlorine tablets

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