Exhibitor Press Releases

A range of products from ARDEX never seen before at SPATEX

ARDEX CA 20 P - Multi-Purpose Construction Adhesive & Sealant

ARDEX CA 20 P is perfect for fixing loose tiles; including those underwater.

  • Adheres virtually every building material
  • High initial tack and bond strength
  • Shrinkage free
  • Can even be used underwater, for minor repair applications
  • Excellent resistance to UV, weather and ageing
  • Solvent-free and low odour


ARDEX WPM 200 - waterproof membrane and water vapour barrier

Provides a surface applied water and vapour barrier to concrete, screeded, rendered or masonry surfaces, steel and other vertical and horizontal hard surfaces. Perfect for balance tanks and channels in swimming pools.

  • Can be sand blinded to act as a multipurpose primer
  • For use on vertical and horizontal applications
  • FeRFA Class 2 resin floor coating that, with a sand scatter, gives a reduced slip wearing surface
  • Class 1 fire rating
  • Withstands reverse hydrostatic pressure to 4.3 bar/65psi for 14 days (ASTM C1306-05a)


ARDEX A 38 – Ultra-rapid drying floor screed

This ultra-rapid drying floor screeds can be walked on after just 3 hours, and have tiles installed in as little as 4 hours, regardless of thickness.

Use ARDEX A 38 for bonded, unbonded and floating screeds in internal and external locations, including wet areas such as swimming pools.

  • Walk on after 3 hours
  • Receives ceramic and natural stone tiles directly after only 4 hours
  • Maintains a working time of 1 hour
  • Passes BRE Screed (ISCR) Testing after 6 hours
  • After just one day, achieves the acceptable minimum compressive and tensile bending strengths attained by an ordinary cement screed after 28 days
  • For internal and external use, including wet areas and swimming pools


ARDEX A 29 – Rapid drying floor screed

A cement for floor screeds has been developed to perform in real UK site conditions. Offering unique application and performance benefits to professional screeding contractors; ARDEX A 29 combines excellent workability, speed and performance.

  • 90 minute working time
  • Walkable after 8 hours
  • Passes the BRE Screed (ISCR) Test in as little as 24 hours
  • Install ceramic tiles in as little as 24 hours and natural stone after 7 days
  • Install resilient and wood floor finishes in as little as 7 days
  • Apply as a bonded, unbonded or floating screed
  • Can be used with underfloor heating systems
  • Can be pumped for fast application
  • For internal and external use, including wet areas


ARDEX A 18 – Screed bonding cement with a colour indicator

When mixed with water, ARDEX A 18 produces a slurry ideal for bonding ARDEX Screed Cements.

  • Produces a slurry ideal for bonding ARDEX Screed Cements
  • High adhesion strength maximises the bond between the screed and the substrate
  • Colour change reduces the risk of the application of screeds into dry bonding slurries
  • 60-minute pot life
  • 15-minute open time