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Aquaflex 'Premier' On Site Lining

Aquaflex 'Premier' On Site Lining

The first chlorine-resistant reinforced membrane for swimming pools, even under extreme conditions.

1.5 mm single colour on site lining with an extended colour, stain and water tightness warranty.

Specially recommended for problematic pools or for pools with a large number of bathers due his high resistance. 

Aquaflex PREMIER will give you the guaranteed security you need for your peace of mind:

Great resistance to chlorine. Excellent results both in public and private swimming pools. Thanks to its outstanding resistance to chlorine, it is the perfect liner even for public swimming pools with great influx of bathers where chemical treatments of water are much more aggressive.

Impervious to organic elements that will stain the membrane, therefore toxic fungicides and bactericides are unnecessary. This makes it compatible for use with fish, plants and makes it healthy for the whole family.

Aquaflex PREMIER is the most ecologically friendly liner material on the market.

High strength, beautiful membranes suitable for public or private pools with large bathing loads or which need to withstand  very aggressive disinfection treatments. They are also suitable for pools with problems where other linings have not worked. Available in 7 different colours.