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The beginning of the end for Chlorine in swimming pools?

The beginning of the end for Chlorine in swimming pools?
Mineral+Biome® - Advanced natural filtration system.
UK based Origin Aqua Ltd Launches Mineral Biome – A chemical free, biological filtration system, scientifically proven to kill pathogens naturally, without using chlorine or other harmful disinfectants.

Origin Aqua (GB) has chosen Spatex 2024 to launch its market leading, chemical-free, filtration system onto the UK market.

Mineral+Biome®, their modular, automated natural pool filtration system, delivers outstanding mineral quality water, while typically using 50% less energy and wastewater vs. traditional filtration systems.

This nature-based solution, designed and developed in the UK, can be fitted to virtually any new build or existing swimming pool, rendering use of chlorine or other disinfection chemicals obsolete.

Origin Aqua CEO, Andrew Cox, said: ”Our scientifically proven, nature based technology gives customers the opportunity to experience luxury, mineralised water instead of a soup of chemicals.

The Mineral+Biome® system represents the future of pool filtration – delivering superior water quality, with the healthiest, most advanced and environmentally friendly system available on the market today.”

About Mineral+Biome®

UK based Origin Aqua has spent five years developing the Mineral+Biome®, the next generation of pool filtration. It harnesses the power of minerals and microbes to outperform a chemical filtration system in every regard.

In addition to operating without chemicals (or aquatic plants), the Mineral+Biome® includes innovative features such as IoT touchscreen automation, air assisted auto-backwash, flow /pressure sensing and a modular one-piece filter housing.

About Origin Aqua

Origin Aqua [SPATEX SHOW STAND F15] is a water technology business based in the UK. The company (originally spun out of a UK pool construction business in 2019) employs scientists, engineers to develop innovative solutions to water sanitation.

The company has over 100 systems running (including the largest indoor natural pool in Europe) and is now looking to build a distribution network across the UK and aboard.

Notably, in June 2022, Origin Aqua published ground-breaking scientific research in Nature Magazine[1] (the world's leading multidisciplinary science journal), which unequivocally proves its filter technology destroys common pathogens found in pools, such as e-coli, Pseudomas and Enrtochocci via the process of ‘biological predation’ and key nutrient starvation.

Additional quotes:

Andrew Cox continued: “ Today’s pool customers are rightly asking for alternative solutions to chlorine, which provide sustainable, chemical free bathing water, whilst lowering the environmental and financial cost of pool ownership. Our leading scientific research proves that the beneficial bacteria in our filter sanitise water to safe levels without the need for disinfection chemicals. This cutting-edge research runs contrary to the perceived wisdom of the swimming pool industry, which continues to predominantly use environmentally damaging chlorine.”


What is good for the planet is good for us – Mineral+Biome® is another example of nature based technology – Harnessing microbial action in place of chemicals.

Children who swim in Chlorinated pools have a higher chance of developing eczema, asthma, and psoriasis, but the Mineral+Biome® system provides water with magnesium and selenium that can be absorbed by your skin to improve health and immunity.

While the product is initially aimed at the top 20% of swimming pool consumers, the payback on its technology can be as low as 5 years for indoor pools and 7 years for outdoor pools.

About Origin Aqua:  


CEO – Andrew Cox / / 0044 7980 621 640 / STAND F15

Relevant Research:

[1] “The control of waterbourne pathogenic bacteria in fresh water using a biologically active filter” Steven, J.A.C., Thorn, R.M.S., Robinson, G.M. et al. The control of waterborne pathogenic bacteria in fresh water using a biologically active filter. npj Clean Water 5, 30 (2022).