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Binder HydroStar and EasyStar counter-current system

Binder HydroStar and EasyStar counter-current system
German engineering meets cutting edge technology

Ocea UK are proud to be the UK representative for the no.1 selling counter current system –
HydroStar and EasyStar by Binder. Engineered with German Technology the model provides
a broad, even and powerful current to swim against. The turbines are positioned so that the
swimmers legs are pushed upwards in line with the body which is the most desirable position
for swimming. The HydroStar can be installed in new pool builds and the EasyStar can be
retrofitted into existing pools. The design of the HydroStar is sleek and contemporary
meaning in can be installed alongside an Ocea Automatic Pool cover system too as it only
protrudes a few millimetres. The EasyStar is installed over the edge of the pool with no
disturbance to the original pool shell and installation is, well….easy!
With options for all pools and swimming abilities this range meet the needs of swimmers at
all levels. It is suitable for children to enjoy family pool time or for professional and
recreational swimmers alike. Users can download a training App to design their own
swimming programmes and NEW for this year is the LED ring lighting that can be controlled
via the training App.