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Certikin appointed official distributor of AFM® Activated Filter Media

CERTIKIN Stand: C16 & D14 & D30
Certikin appointed official distributor of AFM® Activated Filter Media
Dryden Aqua has appointed Certikin, the UK’s leading supplier of pool and spa products, as a new official UK distributor for its highly popular Activated Filter Media (AFM®), from January 2024.

Producing crystal clear water, AFM® is the best performing filter media on the market with a certified 1-micron filtration rate which will remove about 50% more organic substances from the water than sand and other glass filter media. Whilst manufactured from recycled glass, AFM® is different to other glass media on the market. During the production process the raw AFM® goes through a three-step chemical and thermal activation process. This activation is the reason for its 100% bio resistance, preventing bacterial growth in the filter bed as well as it’s amazing filtration performance. The self-sterilising surface prevents channelling and the biological conversion from urea to ammonia in the filter bed which is responsible for the toxic chlorine smells (trichloramines). With AFM® there is a lower consumption of chlorine and the risk of infections by bacteria and parasites such as Legionella, Pseudomonas and Cryptosporidium is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Dryden Aqua proudly claim: “Our production is likely the most sophisticated and sustainable glass processing factory in the world. We ensure that our product has no sharp edges that can injure the operator or damage the filter. The material filters 20 times smaller particles than sand or any competitive product, as proven by the independent laboratory IFTS in France.”

AFM® is a direct replacement for sand, doubling the performance of sand filters without the need for additional investments in infrastructure. It is suitable for all types of pools including natural and saltwater pools.

“We are delighted to be appointed as an official UK distributor by Dryden Aqua and to add this high-performance filter media to our already extensive portfolio,” says Certikin’s Commercial & International Director, Steve Nelson “It is an outstanding product, and we are sure that our customers will very quickly recognise the many benefits of AFM®.”

“Dryden Aqua are very excited to have Certikin on board and they will add another level of professionalism in promoting the benefits of AFM in the UK pool market” says Jimmy Lamb of Dryden Aqua