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Daldorado DalLUX™ Stone and Tile Support System

Daldorado DalLUX™ Stone and Tile Support System

A luxury pool featuring a deck comprised of material, such as stone and tile exudes natural beauty and timeless elegance, and is prized for its strength and durability. 

With the Daldorado DalLUX™ Stone and Tile Support System, designers can take their decking to the next level by bringing the deck to the water’s edge for superior aesthetics and functionality.  

  • 12" wide supports and mitered corners. 
  • Stone and tile are cut to size and adhered by a qualified tile installer to the flat surfaces of the support grate*. They are also held in place ?horizontally by spacer lugs.
  • Adhesive supplied. 
  • Two parallel water fall-in options ~ either 4 slots or 5 for both tile & stone that feature 8 mm (0.315") openings. 
  • Material selection for slip resistance qualities and colors specified by design professional.
  • Design engineered load capacity at over 5,000lbs (2,268 kg) for both tile & stone.
  • For use on straight parallel pools only.  


*Other restriction may apply, please see manufacturer's website for details.