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Darlly's SaniStreamTM consolidates its position as the market leading hot tub filtration and sanitation system.

Darlly's SaniStreamTM consolidates its position as the market leading hot tub filtration and sanitation system.

Darlly's SaniStreamTM consolidates its position as the market leading hot tub filtration and sanitation system.

Darlly Europe's SaniStreamTM Direct Line Filtration system had its full UK market launch with huge interest and anticipation at this year's Spatex2019 expo, after prototypes of the revolutionary and innovative solution to hot tub disinfection were first shown at last year's show. SaniStreamTM was met with enormous enthusiasm by visitors to Spatex, with at least two of them proclaiming it as the "product of the show".

The SaniStreamTM Direct Line Filtration system comprises an adjustable in-line bromine or chlorine feeder, the SpaPodTM, which fits into a redesigned and exclusively adapted high quality Darlly filter to form a complete integrated hot tub filtration and disinfectant dosing solution in one. The SaniStreamTM Direct Line Filtration system gives consumers the benefits of a highly effective adjustable chlorine or bromine dosing feeder which, unlike a floating dispenser, does not need to be removed from the spa when bathers are using it. In fact, it is dosing disinfectant at precisely the time it's needed most, when people are actually in the hot tub. Similarly, again unlike a floating dispenser, the consumer doesn't need to remember to put it back in the spa after all the bathers have left.

However, the greatest impact made by the SaniStreamTM Direct Line Filtration system has undoubtedly been in the holiday let sector. When the infamous HSG282 regulations were introduced in early 2017, thousands of spas already installed and in use out in the field in holiday parks, lodges, caravans and cottages became non-compliant overnight. This is because Section 76 of HSG282 stated that hot tubs used "... as part of a business activity (eg in a holiday park rental unit or hotel bedroom(s) with their own dedicated spa, or as part of a rental agreement for a single family or group use)"... must be "disinfected using bromine or chlorine through the use of an inline disinfectant feeder". Furthermore, HSG282 made no legacy exemptions for hot tubs already installed in the field, and the majority of hot tubs sold on the UK market today which get used in such environments do not have an inline disinfectant feeder fitted. The SaniStreamTM Direct Line Filtration system solves this problem by combining an inline disinfectant feeder with the world's best quality hot tub filters at a sensible cost and without having to modify the hot tub's existing plumbing.

Full production stock of the SaniStreamTM Direct Line Filtration system have been on UK shores since the Spatex launch, and have been selling so well that further supplies of the SpaPodTM, had to be flown in to cope with demand. Darlly UK directors Gil Gingell and Philip Moseley are over the moon with the way the product has been embraced by the market, though they note that more education in the holiday let sector is still needed. One of Darlly's dealers, who supplied SaniStreamTM Direct Line Filtration systems to a company which has eight lodges with hot tubs told us that the company in question had never even heard of HSG282 until the dealer had brought it to their attention.

In further product development news, Complete Pool Controls of Gloucestershire, the UK's leading trade supplier of pool and spa chemicals and treatment products and who have been jointly developing SaniStreamTM in partnership with Darlly, simultaneously launched the AquaSPArkle Bromine Pod, a pre-filled version of the product with a disposable disinfectant dosing pod for consumers who prefer the convenience of those products. The AquaSPArkle Bromine Pod has also been selling incredibly well.

There are currently fifteen filter models available in SaniStreamTM format covering around 80% of the hot tubs on the market and already in the field, with further models being added to the range all the time as new tooling is invested in and developed. Brands with hot tubs currently catered for in the SaniStreamTM range at the time of going to press include: Aber, Aegean Spas, Alps Spas, American Whirlpool, Arctic Spas, Aspen Spas, Artesian Spas, Barrier Reef Spas, Beachcomber Hot Tubs, Cal Spas, Caldera Spas, Canadian Spas, Catalina Spas, Clearwater Spas, Coast Spas, Coleman Spas, Costco, Coyote Hot Tubs, Crystal Waters Spas, Del Sol Spas, Dream Maker Spas, Dynasty Spas, Elite Spas, First Choice Hot Tubs, Fonteyn Spas, Garden Leisure Spas, Gulf Coast Spas, Hydro Spa, Hydropool, Infinity Spas, Jacuzzi, L.A. Spas, Leisure Bay, Leisurite Spas, Lux Hot Tubs, Maax Spas, Nordic Spas, Optirelax, Passion Spas, Pentair Pool Products, Platinum Spas, Premium Leisure Spas, Rainbow Plastics, Rising Dragon, Rotospa, Serenity  Spas, Seven Seas Spas, Signature Spas, Spa Crest, Spaform, Sun Spas, Sunbelt Spas, Sundance Spas, Sunrise Spas, Superior Spas, Tuff Spas, Urban Cedar, US Spas, Viking Spas, Villeroy & Boch, Vita Spas, Waterway, Wellis.

Darlly Europe look forward to exhibiting again at Spatex2020 with great enthusiasm, and to debuting more new filters to the SaniStreamTM range.