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Discover the Future of Pool Sales with VirtualPools

Discover the Future of Pool Sales with VirtualPools

In the realm of kitchen shopping in 2024, the standard practice is that nearly every company offers a personalized visualization of your new kitchen. Similarly, customers have comparable expectations when purchasing a pool. This ever-growing expectation has left pool builders searching for a swift and easy solution. No more tedious hours in complex drawing software or losing potential customers to this issue – VirtualPools is here to transform the game.

Our application is a groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes the way pool builders bring dreams to life. With VirtualPools, you can seamlessly place a (virtual) swimming pool at the customer's site in a matter of seconds. Determining the location, size, colour and any other option can be effortlessly achieved. Your clients will witness their dream pool materialize in their own garden, making the purchasing decision easier, faster and more fun.

But that's not all – VirtualPools boasts cutting-edge functionalities. From adapting to the slope of the garden to aligning with the sun's position, our technology ensures a precise and realistic representation. And here's the best part – we thrive on feedback. Continuous development is our mantra, and we're committed to enhancing VirtualPools based on the valuable input we receive.

Currently we are expanding our catalog to include as many products as possible from manufacturers in the pool industry. Pool builders will be able to curate their own package of preferred brands and products. While the official launch for Pool Builders is in the beginning of April, Spatex offers a unique opportunity to already experience VirtualPools firsthand.

Join us at Spatex and be among the first to witness the future of pool sales – where innovation meets efficiency.

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