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Discover your perfect sauna heater with Spa Dispatch

Discover your perfect sauna heater with Spa Dispatch
Finnish manufacturer Tulikivi have a wide selection of soapstone cladded sauna heaters and mosaics
Spa Dispatch is your go-to source for premium sauna heaters that cater to every need. Whether you’re fitting a cozy home sauna or a luxurious commercial spa, the Spa Dispatch selection of authentic sauna heaters from the Nordics and Baltics offer a diverse range of options.

Tulikivi: Timeless luxury with soapstone 

Tulikivi is known for their luxurious soapstone cladded sauna heaters. Soapstone is over 2 billion years old and has exceptional heat storing capacities. These electric and wood burning sauna heaters not only offer robust construction but also exude elegance in their design. Tulikivi also offer soapstone mosaics that suit saunas and spas.  


HUUM: Techonology and design with Estonian sauna expertise 

HUUM sauna heaters seamlessly blend modern technology, cutting-edge design and generations of sauna wisdom. Their award-winning HUUM DROP and CLIFF heaters, along with the UKU controller, have earned the Red Dot Design Award.  


Narvi: Finnish craftmanship for an optimised sauna experience 

Narvi proudly presents an extensive lineup of high-quality, Finnish-made sauna products. Each heater is optimised for an ideal stone quantity, ensuring a soft, enveloping steam experience while efficiently heating the entire sauna. In addition to their renowned clean combustion wood burning stoves, Narvi has expanded its product range to include the innovative “Combi” sauna heater and steam generator.  


IKI Kiuas: The pinnacle of steam production 

IKI Kiuas is rexognised for their stainless steel mesh heaters with substantial stone capacities, resulting in a pleasantly humid and soft steam. Achieving oxygenated steam in any type of sauna is made possible with their array of wood burning stoves and electric heaters. The iconic electric heater model is the IKI Pillar, while the timeless classic is the Original IKI wood burning stove.  


Helo: Over a century of sauna experience 

Helo has brought health and well-being to people worldwide for over a hundred years. Handcrafted in Hanko, Finland, their selection of heaters delivers the quintessential Nordic sauna experience. Helo has recently introduced modern electric heater models, including the “Laine,” that has a floor standing, contemporary design.   


Spa Dispatch will help you find the sauna heater for your needs.