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News, innovations and unique solutions have long been the traditional domain of the NIVEKO brand. The company’s philosophy, with an emphasis on constant progress, is also fully reflected in its marketing. Promotion in the online world and maximum exposure of the brand to end customers are NIVEKO’s clear priority. Websites play a key role in the online presentation of the company - for both the B2C and B2B sectors. After much careful preparation, NIVEKO launched a new website at the beginning of May this year!

Right from the very start, the project was created with creativity and new ideas in mind, coupled with the proven products our company offers. The home page lets you dive deep into the world of NIVEKO with a unique video that guides you in detail through the complete range of pools available. The airy and clear look with the company’s signature design style can be found across the entire website. The Pools page, which will undoubtedly be of interest to most visitors, offers a quick overview of all seven types – if one appeals to you, you can find out more and view the complete project with just a single click.

The best from the NIVEKO workshop, clearly arranged and all in one place? You’ll find what you’re looking for in the References section! You can easily browse the portfolio of the best NIVEKO projects throughout Europe from the comfort of your home. Filter references by pool type, installation country, stair type and colour. Draw inspiration for your own project, see how various combinations have been used and create your own vision of the perfect pool! The nPooL Planner custom configuration tool, which is an organic part of the website, provides NIVEKO with the contact details of those interested in a swimming pool; this is then followed up by a call from a sales representative. The query is then passed on to the local NIVEKO partner in the country in question and work can start on the project!

NIVEKO partners have access to the Partner Zone section on the website, which offers exclusive content - technical manuals, marketing materials ready for immediate use and, above all, a brand-new version of the NIVEKO pool configuration tool. This has been completely reworked, simplified and modified to enable every NIVEKO partner to easily and quickly provide the end customer with an offer customised precisely to suit their wishes. Intuitive controls, clear steps and the gradual creation of a visualization are aimed at streamlining the work of NIVEKO partners and saving them time.

The new NIVEKO website is an evolution that seamlessly follows on from elements that have proven popular with users, which it is building on and continuing to develop into a comprehensive resource. Customers will benefit greatly from this, as they can find information about the company, its product range and individualised options for their own visions and plans. The development process took account of the fact that NIVEKO is an international brand, and the website is even available in five language versions – in English, German, French, Dutch and Czech. Visit www.niveko-pools.com and dive into a world of endless options!