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MAPEI UK - For the construction of pools, choose Mapei Idrocrete KR1000

MAPEI UK - For the construction of pools, choose Mapei Idrocrete KR1000
Mapei Idrocrete KR 1000 is a powder admixture made from special hydrophilic components which, when added to a concrete mix, has the capacity to reduce the permeability of hardened concrete.

BBA Certified as part of the Mapei Idrocrete System (certificate 20/5754), Idrocrete KR 1000 can make concrete completely watertight thanks to a progressive process of crystallisation.

The Idrocrete System is a proven technology which combines the use of a superplasticiser with Idrocrete KR 1000 to improve both the physical and mechanical properties of concrete to make impermeable structures – ideal for the construction of swimming pools and other concrete structures exposed to moisture, water salt or hydrostatic pressure water. It is also suitable for use in basements, docks, car parks, tunnels, liquid storage facilities, bridges, water reservoirs, and drainage channels.  

When water is added, Idrocrete KR 1000 is formulated to react with the calcium hydroxide and other products that form during the hydration process of the cement, forming compounds of calcium silicate and other non-soluble salts. This process provides a pore-blocking effect into the micro-cracks and capillaries, and as a result, creates an improved resistance to water penetration, even under pressure.

Thanks to its resistance to water and aggressive environments, the life of concrete structures with Idrocrete KR 1000 are drastically improved, ensuring a long-lasting, durable finish.

For the construction of your next swimming pool or hot tub, choose Mapei Idrocrete KR 1000.