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We have set ourselves the goal with a number of new features in the design of this GODIVA LOUNGE infrared sauna. The task - to bring the absolute wellness feeling and relax comfort in to a limited space. Most infrared saunas have a straight sitting posture. On the drawing board is experimented to generate the maximum comfort experience. And the main question was - how to implement in a lounge chair a full-spectrum infrared heater following and supporting the anatomy of the human body? This research has resulted in a registered patent. The full-spectrum infrared heater in S - shape that seamlessly follows the body's posture was born. Lean back, relax and the penetrating warmth of the full-spectrum infrared S curve heater goes exactly where you want it. Beside the esthethical perception Godiva Lounge has a plenty of benefits to our body. The infrared light reduces perfectly the back pain, as infrared light penetrates deep into your body all the way to the inner layers of your skin, to your muscles, nerves and bones. IR then boosts local blood circulation, which brings more healing nutrients and pain relieving components to the area and a full body detox.

Barrel IR

An outdoor product that bring absolut joy to our body and enriches and gives a more fancy look to the back yard of your house is BARREL IR. Barrel IR sauna has a variety of benefits to our body it helps you in muscle recovery after a long lasting pain. The light frequencies penetrate the skin and trigger chemical and physiological actions deep inside the body. Infared therapy decrases the rigidity in the joints, stiffness in the muscles and tissues. According to the last researches infrared sauna sessions improve feelings of well-being.

The attendance of the sauna, IR cabins and steam rooms reduces muscle tension, the fatigue feeling of the full schedule, the pain in the muscles also vanishes.

To crown it all, investing in wellness it does not mean a waist of time and money, but a good investment in health care. Keeping the balance between modern and traditional medicine is the key to a better health.