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Golden Coast gives you water confidence

Golden Coast gives you water confidence

When it comes to keeping your water quality in check, Golden Coast is your one-stop shop for water testing products. As the UK's leading independent distributor of wet leisure products to the trade, Golden Coast offers a wide range of choices to suit every budget: from tablets and easy-to-use testing kits to advanced electronic photometers.

For home pool and spa customers looking for an affordable and simple testing method, the Insta-Test range of products is popular.

'Testing is incredibly straightforward,' says Golden Coast managing director Jamie Adams. 'Simply place in the water to measure the concentration of chlorine or bromine and levels of alkalinity, pH and hardness.'

Maintaining commercial water quality, however, requires a much more sophisticated system' that is just as user-friendly.

Jamie explains: 'That's why we offer testing products from Palintest. The Pooltest 25 Photometer Kit, for example, delivers the most comprehensive range of tests available ' in an easy-to-use photometer.

'For installers and users alike, it's simple and intuitive. What's more, it doesn't require specialist software.'

The latest addition to the Palintest range is the Pooltest 9 Bluetooth, which features Bluetooth SMART technology. This allows it to communicate wirelessly with smart devices, including phones and tablets.

It was specially developed to help those managing pools and spas to generate accurate results every time ' regardless of experience.

Golden Coast Managing Director Jamie Adams says: 'For example, when you're selecting tests, there's no need for scrolling endlessly or entering numbers manually. Instead, you simply push a single button to identify the tests you need.

'The tablet reagents give you the consistency, stability and portability you need, but Pooltest 9's biggest advantage is its user-friendly approach, which means that ' whether someone's testing for the first time or even the hundredth, they can be confident they'll generate the data required ' quickly and reliably.'

For more information on these or any other Golden Coast product, you can contact a member of the sales team on 01271 378100, email swimmer@goldenc.com or visit www.goldenc.com.