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Golden Coast PoolCop does it all

Golden Coast PoolCop does it all

When it comes to supervising multiple swimming pools, many management companies face a challenge of time-consuming maintenance visits and tracking varying sets of data, all while keeping customers happy.

To support the trade, Golden Coast introduced a new state-of-the-art pool management system: GC PoolCop.

Remote monitoring

The GC PoolCop system consists of a Valve Data Unit that is installed on the pool filter, while a Control Communication Box is mounted near to the pool’s electrical hub.

Once connected to the customer’s pool equipment, GC PoolCop remotely monitors all aspects of a pool, including water temperature, lighting, water level, filter status, water balance or disinfection.  

Information on the status of the client’s pool is available via a central online interface, enabling pool management companies to have full control at their fingertips.

The system sends an alert when something requires attention, thereby minimising the number of service callouts to times when they are truly necessary. 

“GC PoolCop assesses parameters remotely, so engineers do not need to repeatedly travel to the site in person,” said Adam Clark. “This saves time and improves efficiency, while helping the customer experience better pool management. In turn this helps those in the pool trade to maintain profitable, proactive service contracts, better client relationships, and improved customer loyalty.”

Golden Coast supplies GC PoolCop models for both commercial and domestic applications, allowing any owner to improve their pool maintenance.

An eco-friendly solution

GC PoolCop regulates treatment and controls water level, while ensuring more efficient use of auxiliary equipment. Not only does this enable pool owners to save money on electrical bills, but it also frees up valuable time that would have been spent on maintenance. Importantly, GC PoolCop optimises the duration of filtration and enables automatic cleaning, which all results in clear water and relies far less on the use of chemicals. 

Adam Clark explained: “In terms of environmental impact, GC PoolCop is an extremely eco-friendly solution as it reduces water waste, the use of consumables and energy consumption. Plus, owners get the most out of their pool without the associated effort needed to take care of it. GC PoolCop does it all for you.”

GC PoolCop has already proven popular with pool professionals around the world, and now companies in the UK are also seeing the benefits.

Adam Clark added: “The industry is always changing, and we have already seen an uptake in GC PoolCop that shows the trade is open to new technologies and methods, especially given the benefits they stand to gain.

“GC PoolCop makes running multiple pools so much simpler, as it allows management companies to respond to the needs of their customers quickly and effectively. Not only does this help to optimise services and ensure well-maintained pools, but it also boosts profitability. It’s a win-win for everyone.”