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HeatForm® the exercise pool that doesn’t cost the Earth

HeatForm® the exercise pool that doesn’t cost the Earth

Manufactured in Devon, UK using insulation made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles, HeatForm’s exercise pools, with the integrated HF Swim Jet counter current, are designed to optimise all levels of training and physical therapy, whether intense triathlon training or gentle rehabilitation to help ease aches and pains.

HeatForm’s exercise pool kits are available in two sizes (2.5m x 5m and 6m x 3m) with a water depth of 1.2m. They are suitable for use both in-ground or above-ground, indoor or outdoors.

The HeatForm exercise pool kit system includes Zodiac high quality filtration equipment with an under-water LED light, a 3kW electric heater, a bag liner supplied ready to fit from Aquaflex and a stainless steel over-thewall entry ladder.

All HeatForm exercise pools come with the renowned HF SwimJet, fitted discretely into the unique HeatForm swimjet end panel* which provides up to 300 m3/hr of current which is strong enough for even the most powerful swimmers.  

Bespoke optional extras include eco-friendly external cladding kits to ensure the pool reflects your persona taste and fits with the surrounding environment. You could also include a Rollo Solar slatted cover system to help reduce heating costs even further.

*The HeatForm jet panel can be adapted to suit most other leading brands of swim jets.

Why Heat Form

■ Integrated HF Swimjet with up to 300 m3 /hr flow rate

■ Quick - 5m x 2.5m HeatForm exercise pool is typically completed in only five days

■ Complete cladding system available in various colours to suit most environments

■ Easy positioning of flow and return fittings in pre-positioned panel openings

■ HeatForm pool panels comply with the Part-L building regulations regarding U-Values.

■ Made in Devon, UK

“We chose a HeatForm exercise pool for our garden as we needed a way we could swim and exercise at home but have a limited amount of space. The HF SwimJet, with it’s 3 speed options, as it is both perfect for myself, an active triathlete and my wife who likes the lower, gentler speed. The bespoke panelling really finishes the pool off and makes it a nice feature in our garden." Richard Howard , Portsmouth - Heatform exercise pool owner 2019.

How does a HeatForm exercise pool work?

With two different pool size options (2.5m x 5m and 6m x 3m), the HeatForm exercise pool system includes quality heating and filtration options to suit your installation, location and budget.

The main wall structure of the kit is suitable for and inground above-ground installations. The eco-friendly insulation in the panels reduces the amount of energy used to keep the pool heated, whilst strengthening the wall structure to give a high quality finish to the pool.

The adjustable steel support system allows the panels to be fixed to a concrete floor to provide a fully self-supporting above-ground installation. 

Each HeatForm exercise pool comes with a HF SwimJet built into it’s own bespoke support panel. Finished off with a sleek stainless steel grill, the HF SwimJet sits neatly in the pool wall providing the highest performance without compromising on pool space.

The HeatForm exercise pool kits includes a high quality Zodiac filtration system to efficiently clean and circulate the pool water using the CS cartridge filter and FloPro™ filtration pump.

Heat the pool to the perfect temperature for exercise or hydrotherapy* using a 3kW Redline electric heater. The RGBW LED light adds mood to your swim or relaxation session and a stainless steel over-the-wall ladder finishes the kit off with design elegance.

Optional cladding is available for above-ground pools. This hard wearing outer shell made with eco-friendly insulation completes the look of the above-ground pool, enhancing any garden design. Available in four colours – Cotswold green, Cotswold cream, Silver grey and Anthracite to ensure the pool reflects your personal taste and fits in with the surrounding environment.

*Aquaflex bag pool liner is suitable for temperatures up to 32ºC. If you require higher temperatures then please ask for more details.

To further enhance your swimming experience, optional extras such as MagnaPool™can be easily added. This is an exclusive magnesium-based water treatment system that helps soothe aches and pains, caring for the skin and hair or easing muscular problems.

To secure and insulate the pool, why not top it off with a Rollo™ Solar automatic solar gain pool cover, which can increase the pool temperature by 3°C on a sunny day. Open and close the pool with the click of a button adding another level of elegance and security to the pool.