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Heatstar climate control systems 'tailor made' for pool refurbishment and renovation projects

Heatstar climate control systems 'tailor made' for pool refurbishment and renovation projects

Having new equipment installed during a pool refurbishment can be a time consuming process.' Here's where Heatstar can help.' Heatstar offer the option of tailor making any of their new state of the art climate control systems to fit existing pipes and ductwork.

This service enables the absolute minimum of disruption during a pool renovation installation.' The new units are made uniquely to fit directly into the footprint of the old unit greatly reducing the work involved so installation is faster and more simple saving time and cost.

In addition, every Heatstar unit is custom made to deliver the precise individual requirements of the refurbished pool obviating the need to under or over size performance aspects.' Bespoke systems from Heatstar can achieve substantial savings in fuel bills and guaranteed long term energy efficiency.'

Clients also have the added peace of mind that every Heatstar unit is designed and built to be fully compliant with all the new legislation and directives on energy efficiency.' In fact, Heatstar units often exceed the legal energy efficiency requirements making a refurbished pool not just up to date but ahead of the game.

The cost saving and performance benefits of a Heatstar system do not end once commissioning has taken place and the system is in full use.' An effective maintenance plan will help ensure the optimum performance of the Heatstar system and of course help guarantee long term, trouble free usage of the system.' Heatstar therefore offer planned maintenance agreements on all their products ensuring the system is looked after routinely by one of Heatstar's own dedicated engineers.