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LevelSmart' Wireless Autofill System

LevelSmart' Wireless Autofill System

LevelSmart' is the world's most reliable pool autofill. Since it does not have any moving parts, it is the longest lasting and most trusted autofill on the market. It utilizes data to improve pool efficiency and eliminate wasted water - saving your money!

LevelSmart' is applicable for pools, spas, ponds, water features, and tanks. The small sleek design and fail safe advantage make it an affordable choice for any application. The system installs in minutes without any construction to your deck and does not detract from the look of your pool. With it's built in long-range wireless signal, there is no job too large for'LevelSmart'.


1. Eliminates manual work of filling your pool.

2. Prevents tripping over hoses and increases overall pool safety.

3. Retrofits on any pool without deck destruction

4. Saves your pool pump from running dry and burning out.

5.'Receive leak alerts with LevelSmart

6. Keeps your pool full and ready to use at all times.

WHY CHOOSE'LevelSmart'

' Built-in protection against overfilling

' Simple installation

' No deck damage or destruction

' Eliminates any equipment over the deck

' 1,000ft of wireless communication

' Easy install before or after pool construction

' Option for online monitoring and alerts available

' Bright and simple LED indicators

' Precision water adjustment

' Discrete wireless sensor

' Complimentary valve included in purchase

' No autofill maintenance after installation


Pools, spas, ponds, water features, and tanks. No matter the size, LevelSmart' will continuously keep your water level accurate.


1. LevelSmart' Sensor

2. LevelSmart' Valve Controller

3. Rain resistant, UL listed power adapter (110V or 240V available)

4. Complimentary valve

5. KonaFLow flow meter (*only included in commercial version)

6. Accessory pack with putty, 2 wire nuts and 2 screws

7. Magnet


' Factory sealed batteries and electronics

' 24V Hunter Solenoid Valve

' Max operating temperature: 130 degrees Fahrenheit

' Min operating temperature: 40 degrees Fahrenheit

' Duty cycles 7 minutes per hour

' 1,000 feet of 433MHz interference free, radio comunication

' Sensor & valve controller 2.875' (W) x 2.875' (H) x

The LevelSmart' system is designed to benefit homeowners, property managers, builders, and maintenance companies that deal with pools, spas, ponds, water features, and tanks.