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TWINSCAPE Movable Floor Swimming Pool

TWINSCAPE Movable Floor Swimming Pool
Creating a Flexible Entertainment Space
A client in Suffolk, UK chose a movable floor for his pool on the suggestion of the architect. The property had a pool that needed renovating and the architect suggested rebuilding the pool to incorporate a movable floor and thus create a flexible entertainment space.

The space itself has spectacular views over the gardens and surrounding estate as the house is set in an elevated position. The room itself has floor to ceiling windows to maximise the view and so using the swimming pool space for a function room as well was an appealing proposition.

The Hydrofloors Movable Floor System was chosen for the project as the pool builder had previously worked with Twinscape.  The Twinscape team worked directly with the architect and the designer on the project to produce a unique, bespoke swimming pool that fitted into the surroundings.

The Client was thrilled with the result and often shows his guests the floor in motion even when they don’t want a swim! “I never imagined I would do this, but everyone wants a demonstration, and they never fail to be impressed!” The wow factor has become a source of pride.

The client values the movable floor because they regularly use that space for parties when the pool is closed, and previously they were unable to do that. Additionally, the humidity in the room remains the same when the water is locked away under the floor and it no longer has the feel or smell of a swimming pool room.

When young children are using the pool,  they set the floor level at a height where the children can stand, making it safe for swimming, which adds enormous peace of mind.