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TWINSCAPES Movable floor transforms pool to dry deck, creating two spaces in one on a Beachfront Home

TWINSCAPES Movable floor transforms pool to dry deck, creating two spaces in one on a Beachfront Home
Beachfront Home Sets Trend with a Hydrofloors Movable Floor
Located on the magical Kiawah Island in South Carolina, this stunning outdoor swimming pool was the ‘brainchild’ of several minds – the family who owns the pool, the architects, contractor, pool designer, interior designer and Twinscape.

Challenging Brief

Already accustomed to enjoying leisure and social time in their private pool and spa at their full-time residence, the family wanted to have the pleasure of a pool at their planned holiday home at Kiawah Island – the new property was being designed by architects Tyler A. Smyth and Chris Rose and built by Russ Cooper Associates. The broad brief was to design a property that maximises the potential of the beachfront and the enjoyment of the family.

Properties built on the oceanfront must be 14 feet above sea level. With the setback rules, this meant the space for a pool was compromised – a traditional pool would lead to a loss of deck space and the remaining space would then accommodate only a small pool, which would not have met the family’s aspirations. For the adults, they wanted a pool with a deep-end for swimming and playing pool games and a shallow-end for the children to swim comfortably.

Maximising Space with a Movable Floor

The family choose Twinscape’s Hydrofloors Movable Floor System because it offered a solution to the unique design and space challenges they faced. A movable floor system enables a pool to be completely closed when it’s not in use. When the movable floor is lowered at the base of the pool, it allows for full-depth swimming and pool games and when raised to deck level, it provides a solid, load-bearing floor.  A pool with a movable floor allows the family to maximise the available space – swim and play games whenever they wish, then ‘put the pool away’ when they want to use the same space for other activities.

Added Safety Feature

The family chose Hydrofloors because it incorporates a ‘failed closed’ mechanism, an added security measure.  In the event of the hydraulic system failing, the ballast system would force it to close, thereby making the pool safe until any issue presenting itself could be addressed.

Close Collaboration Between Specialists

Designed by pool contractor, Aqua Blue Pools, the elegant pool has a beautiful bespoke tile deck on the movable pool floor, surrounded by a deck comprised of Ramon Greystone material sourced from Israel. Contemporary furnishings and bronze rails play contrast to the solidity of natural lime-based stucco and hand-carved stone column, newel, and trim material. The outdoor pool deck space, material selection and pool tile layout were designed by Denise Balassi of Interior Consultants.

Best Build Decision We’ve Made!

The pool owner said,  “It’s truly the best build decision we’ve made – if someone were to ask our advice on a movable floor, I’d tell them to go for it! Our pool was the first movable floor that Hydrofloors installed in the USA, so it was a learning process for all involved, but we had no problems because Twinscape guided us and the team working on the installation through the entire process.

“The movable floor allowed us to meet our requirements in the space available and to maximise the deck space when the pool is not in use. We use the pool regularly, adjusting the height of the pool during each session depending on who is using it and what they want to do. Our kids love the pool, and we love that we can use both the pool and deck space separately. With the pool closed when no one is swimming, we don’t have to worry about the kids being in the pool without our knowledge. This gives us peace of mind from a safety and liability aspect.”