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AquaSPArkle Spa Fusion - Boxed

The ideal trouble-shooter that will keep hot tub water in tip-top condition AquaSPArkle Spa Fusion is now available in a new multi-sachet box of 6. Each 35g Spa Fusion sachet is designed to be used weekly or as a trouble-shooter by all hot tub owners. This attractively packaged retail box is designed to provide a convenient solution to the problem of cloudy water which many hot tub owners endure especially after heavy use.Spa Fusion is powerful oxidiser which quickly removes the contamination that makes the water cloudy and restores water clarity. Bathing can usually commence in as little as half an hour.Remember adding a Spa Fusion every week will help maintain healthy, clean sparkling water and is part of our recommended water treatment advice. Compatible with all sanitisers including the new AquaSPArkle Bromine Pod and is recommended for use with 02Gentle Spa treatment system.

Six convenient 35g pre-measured sachets

Easy application

Powerful dual-action oxidiser

Quickly destroys bather wastes•Built-in clarifier restores sparkling clear water