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NEW ONLINE NIVEKO CATALOGUE - Ecological, available, unique!

NIVEKO s.r.o. Stand: C52
NEW ONLINE NIVEKO CATALOGUE - Ecological, available, unique!

An innovation that will change the way NIVEKO presents its products and at the same time support the pursuit of long-term sustainable development - the new ONLINE NIVEKO CATALOGUE!

This new concept has many advantages and the main one is the protection of the environment, which has been our priority since the company's inception. Online catalogue contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing the need for paper and minimising waste.

Over the course of a year, NIVEKO save at least 12 trees, which is approximately 30,000 kg of wood, and save 1,020,000 litres of water needed in paper production. With just one scan of the QR code or one click on the link, you can save 2.5kg of wood and 85l of water.

At the same time, carbon footprint will be reduced by no longer having to deliver catalogue to both our partners and end customers via shipping companies.

24/7 availability! Online catalogues will also allow customers to browse our products easily from anywhere, whether from the comfort of their home, office or even on the move. No more waiting for a printed catalogue to be delivered - with just a few clicks, the world of NIVEKO is within reach.

Browsing it is very easy, just click on the link, no installation required. The catalogue is available on any device: desktop, tablet or phone.

Easy to share with customers via QR code or direct link. No need to install any special software. Just paste the QR code or copy the link into an email, messenger or social media. There is no need to upload or attach a separate document, avoiding the maximum attachment size limit.

We have created an attractive design that highlights the uniqueness of NIVEKO products. Dazzling visuals and corporate video viewing options allow customers to explore the details of our products.

The search option makes it easy to navigate and select specific products or categories.

Together, we will show that innovation can go hand in hand with caring for our planet and continuous improvement.

We believe that every step, however small at first sight, will have a big impact in a positive direction for the future. And NIVEKO wants to be a role model and inspiration for other companies.