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New Products From Etatron

New Products From Etatron
Get your head in the clouds: the eTwin and eSelect M


The eTwin is the perfect blending of two dosing Systems into one. This means twice the functionality for only one device saving time on installation, maintenance and cost. The eTwin can control Chlorine and pH Correction (+/-).

The eTwin is a dual dosing pump with peristaltic and solenoid build options. It is excellent for any dosing application and is excellently well-suited domestic pools and light commercial applications. The Peristaltic version has flow and pressure rates of up to 3 l/h at 3 Bar, the solenoid metering version is up to 5 l/h at 5 Bar.

The full range of measurement options includes free chlorine (0-2 ppm and 0-20 ppm), H2O2, Bromine, pH – Rx and pH – Cl and all these are complimented with Temperature Control.


The eSelect M is Etatron’s Internet capable controller. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Etatron cloud (ETACLOUD) it offers you the ability to operate, maintain and monitor a chemical dosing system from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone. The remote-control ability offers substantial savings in time and cost whilst also giving your customer complete confidence of control. As a complete controller the eSelect M is a multi-channel measurement instrument suitable for measuring the pH, Rx (Redox) and Cl Chlorine parameters (ppm).

When it comes to chemical dosing in the leisure industry, we at Etatron know what our clients look for in a product. Firstly, because Etatron has been working in this industry for many years, and secondly because our clients themselves have told us.