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New Technology - Green Chemistry

New Technology - Green Chemistry

One of the major developments in the industry over the last few years has been in the development of chemistries. This has partly been driven by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) and the recent REACH classification that Boric is now considered hazardous as it may damage fertility and may damage the unborn child. The Lovibond' team of chemists have worked tirelessly to remove all traces of Boric acid in their reagents used for pool & spa water testing. It has now proven possible to achieve what once seemed impossible: reagents that are easy to dose; reagents that are safe; reagents that have a long and stable shelf-life; reagents that are extremely accurate; reagents that provide reproducible results; and reagents that are environmentally friendly and 100% free of Boric Acid in compliance with DIN EN ISO 7393-2.

Further developments have occurred in the production of the tablets themselves. The latest machinery has now been installed to ensure each tablet is hermetically sealed, protecting them against challenging environmental conditions. This packaging keeps each tablet in perfect condition, right up until the time it is needed by the user. Maintaining these quality standards means Lovibond' reagents are guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years, some for as long as 10 years. The new aluminium foil blister packaging has now been applied to all the reagents used for pool and spa water testing. These bring added convenience to the user.

With the blister strip, you simply push the tablet through the protective foil, straight into the sample. Simple, time-saving and practical.

iOS' / AndroidTM apps and Bluetooth' do not exactly represent new technology but they have seen increased adoption in the pool and spa industry. The Lovibond' team is no exception. 'PoolM8', the free App to determine the Langelier Index or 'Balanced Water' has been downloaded millions of times around the world, helping operators maintain the quality of the water and share results. Bluetooth' data transfer has also been introduced to the newer series of photometers. The MD 110 range and the PM 630 include connectivity to the AquaLX' app, again available free of charge, which offers the possibility for data management, analysis and export.