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NIVEKO Custom built monopools

NIVEKO Custom built monopools

NIVEKO Custom built monopools aim is to find a combination of comfort, unique design and timeless technology to ensure that our pools meet our customers' expectations, both now and in the future. Customer satisfaction and bringing customer ideas to fruition are always our main priorities.

With the increasing customer demands on design, the overall pool impression and water quality requirements, the dominant feature of NIVEKO's wide portfolio was primarily swimming pools with overflow water filtration technology. The basic solution of overflow pool type is NIVEKO overflow Multi. With its PVC grid or inserted Greek or natural stone, the pool type NIVEKO Multi is a fine example of the precision craftsmanship of a standard overflow. Customers can enjoy an unusual view from the pool if they opt for an NIVEKO overflow Infinity. Thanks to the installation in variable-height terrain is water surface seemingly endless. An overflow pool for fastidious customers, which is also ideal for indoors due to the unique technical design of the overflow trough, is NIVEKO overflow Advance type. NIVEKO overflow Evolution represents timeless and modern design, which gives the impression of an unbroken surface between the water and the pool surround. The latest of our overflow models, NIVEKO overflow Underflow, featuring refined and elegant finishing of the pool edge. The ideal pool for families with children, allowing them to romp around without losing too much water.