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O-Care excited to launch their NEW Water Expert App.

O-CARE Stand: H1
O-Care excited to launch their NEW Water Expert App.
This App is designed to help hot tub dealerships like you be the trusted partner for your customers. Of course, that means more sales for you as well!

The App includes a variety of features that can be customised for your shop. Better yet, the App is a valuable support tool to offer your customers. We hope that you find the new App helpful.

Download the New O-Care Water Expert App Here.

Download for AppleDownload for AndroidWhat Benefits does the App Serve You and Your Customer?
Benefits for your dealership:
  • Sell chemicals and O-Care subscriptions to your customers which leads to increased loyalty and more revenue for you
  • Dealer-customised with more store and contact details for you
  • Dealer-specific QR Code available for direct App setup
  • Improved design and still as easy to use as ever

Benefits for Your Customers:
  • Diagnose and solve the 8 most common water problems, step-by-step
  • Receive personalized reminders for weekly maintenance and water refills
  • Guides for Hot Tub start-up and refill explanations
  • Buy chemicals or O-Care from your stores

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Set Up the O-Care App for Your Store
Soon, we will be sending your dealer-specific QR code for the App by email. This will allow customers who have downloaded the app to quickly connect to your dealership as their preferred store.

To make the App set-up as easy as possible, we've added your dealer store details to the App's store directory. Of course, we may be missing details or you may like to update links or contact data.
Please email with the details you'd like added or changed.

New O-Care App to Support Your Year-Round Revenue
The O-Care App has been a success due to its ease of use and practicality. But more importantly, because O-Care dealers like you promote it. After more than 100k downloads, we felt it was time for an upgrade and use the lessons we learned from the 1st version.
The O-Care App not only shows professionalism to customers and how important it is to provide them support as a hot tub dealer, but it actually adds revenue for you too!

Existing QR codes still works
The existing QR code on O-Care boxes will direct customers to download the new version of the App. When your dealer-specific QR code arrives, your customers can scan it from within the new app to get connected to your dealership. This makes it easy for them to find you again when it is time to buy more chemicals or O-Care from you.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to check it out. We hope you enjoy the App and recommend it to your customers. And with that, increase client loyalty and revenue.