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Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate heat exchangers consist of thin, corrugated plates packed inside a frame, with the product in alternate channels, and service fluid in between product channels. The compactly designed TLS plate heat exchangers range consists of a number of herringbone patterned, pressed heat transfer plates. These are assembled in an inverse formation to create two sets of parallel channels, one for each liquid. Since the herringbone patterns point in opposite directions, a large number of points of support are achieved, creating a lattice in each channel. This provides a high level of turbulence, which in turn leads to an elevated rate of heat transfer.



• Heat exchanger completely contained within the insulation: minimized thermal losses and condensation, high degree of safety and comfort for those who work around the heat exchanger.

• Low installation costs.

• Quick and easy access to the heat exchanger for inspection.

Technical Data

• Varying options of stainless Steel, Titanium plates with Various thicknesses down to 0,4 mm with patented glue free plug in design of NBR and EPDM gaskets.

• Moplen, threaded or flanged connections.

• Suitable for both chlorine and salt water swimming pools.

• Stainless steel frames to avoid corrosion and long products life with easier maintenance operations.


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