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Sectional Tanks

Sectional Tanks

Our Sectional Tanks can be built either rectangular, square or to any special shape or size such as an ‘L’ Shaped Tank to suit conditions. 

Tanks can be assembled to a wide range of capacities from 1000 litres to 2.19 million litres with internal partitions if required.


Internally Flanged Base Tank

WIFB Tanks need adequate space to the sides of the installation to allow the fixing of the panels from outside the Tank but where a headroom restriction may be present.

The base panels are fastened together from inside the Tank itself with the Tank being installed on a flat and level base.

The final base support system must be flat and level and strong enough to support the weight of the Tank when full without any movement.

Externally Flanged Base Tank

EFB Tanks are to be installed where there is adequate access to the base and sides of the Tank to allow for the installation from outside the Tank. They can be fully drained quickly and without pumps. A clearance space of a minimum of 500mm is required on all sides and there must be sufficient headroom above the Tank for opening the man way cover.

The base fixings are only accessible from the underside of the Tank, and must be raised on Concrete Piers/Goalposts or a combination of one of these and RSJs.

Totally Internally Flanged Tank

TIF Tanks have been designed to suit applications where maximum water capacity is required but where Tank room space is limited. TIF Tanks have the same benefits as any other sectional Tank but allow our engineers to install from within the Tank. As a result, this allows for smaller spaced Tank rooms or enclosures.


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