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Shining a light on underwater lighting

Shining a light on underwater lighting

Light Projects will be showcasing the latest advents in underwater lighting at this year’s Spatex Show (Stand B27). This will include the latest Centum°° range from Wibre as well as Fibre-optics from RobLight (formerly Roblon Lighting).

Wibre’s new Centum°° range comprises a range of built-in and surface mounted underwater spotlights which use the very latest technology to offer industry-leading light outputs at 166 lumens per watt. This, coupled with temperature monitoring and integrated surge protection, ensures optimum operation, long life cycle and low maintenance.

Exclusively available in the UK via Light Projects, Centum°° includes four recessed IP68 underwater fittings from 5 to 47 watts. The light sources used are particularly powerful and compact LED modules available in 3000K, 4000K and 6000K as well as RGB-W and Dynamic White. Two surface-mounted spotlights complement the range for use in fountains and water features. These feature similar colour temperatures and lumen efficiency with the added versatility of distribution angles of 25° to 30°.

Fibre Optics is also a popular choice for wet area and pool lighting and Danish manufacturer RobLight is one of the most well-known. The Aquarius and Sirius fittings are designed to be used underwater. They emit a strong light with beam angles up to 54° and can withstand up to 10m of water pressure. 


Fibre optics is a great choice for wet area and underwater lighting because there is no electricity or heat at the light end. In addition, the light source requires minimal maintenance and can be placed remotely for easy access. This means that the water doesn’t need to be drained for lamp changes or scaffolding needed to maintain any features in the ceiling above the water. Fibre optics can also be used for unique designs such as starry sky installation which can be above the pool or in the pool floor.

RobLight’s LED Projectors can be placed 15m away from the pool, ceiling or point of illumination and LEDs use 10th the wattage of traditional halogen sources with 10 times the lamp life. This makes them the first choice for fittings. Quality LED fixtures provide considerable life cycle cost savings when compared to halogen (50,000 hours before replacement vs 5000 hours) as well as saving on both maintenance and energy usage. An additional advantage is that colour changing modules can be used for added effect.

Light Projects is offering product demonstrations to lighting designers and pool and spa manufacturers on its stand a B27. If you would like to organise a visit or require more information, please email info@lightprojects.co.uk or phone 020 7231 8282.