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Softub unveils new Poseidon at Spatex

Softub unveils new Poseidon at Spatex

Softub is bringing its range of stylish and energy efficient hot tubs to Spatex for the first time this year and will use the opportunity to launch the new Softub Poseidon. This new model introduces an enhanced user experience including state of the art design and technology resulting in a superior hydromassage whilst at the same time continuing to be unrivalled in energy efficiency. The Poseidon shares the iconic look of its Softub siblings but features the new and improved Syntex material in graphite making this hot tub a very stylish addition to the family indeed.

Whether it is the new Poseidon or the traditional Softub Resort 300, stylish and understated design, tactile materials and subtle earth colours are trademarks of the Softub range and create that elegant look that turns any Softub spa into a beautiful focal point and a garden feature in its own right. Bespoke rattan and hardwood surrounds and accessories are available to compliment the spa range, to add storage and additional seating and to give the installation even more visual impact. A Softub is a beautiful piece of garden furniture ' not just an appliance.

However, it is not all just about aesthetics! Extremely durable, high performing and lightweight materials and practical design features make our hot tubs truly portable and user friendly, allowing even those with small spaces, roof terraces or difficult access to their home or garden to create their own hot tub oasis without the need for costly alterations, equipment or cranes ' in fact a Softub is so simple to install that it can usually be done by one person!

In addition, the soft polybond foam insulation of a Softub is not only light and easy to manoeuvre' but also wonderfully comfortable, allowing for unrestricted movement within the tub so that this luxurious piece of outdoor living can be enjoyed by old and young alike, offering a place to relax, unwind or socialise for the whole family.

And as if stunning design, portability and comfort weren't enough, Softubs continue to be market leaders in energy efficiency, keeping running costs to a minimum. Thanks to Softub's innovative heat recovery technology this spa can run on a standard 13 amp household socket and only uses a fraction of the energy consumed by other brands; so energy efficient that it can even be powered by solar panels!

To find out more about this fabulous product get in touch and our friendly team will be delighted to help!

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