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Spatex Presence of Wellis Hungary

Spatex Presence of Wellis Hungary

Spatex Presence of Wellis Hungary


We are pleased to announce that Wellis Hungary is participating in the Spatex 2019.'

The conquest of the Wellis brand on the world market has been very successful in recent years. Since the company was founded in 2003, more and more people are choosing Wellis products, not only in our home country, but throughout in Europe. Our products have an excellent value for money, but at the same time, with premium quality. With the pursuit for a healthy lifestyle, the demand for quality wellness products is on the rise. Wellis presents the latest smart solutions for hot tubs, which will guarantee up-to-date technology experiences.

At Spatex we would like to reveal you our newest products.

Rio Grande 2019

The new Rio Grande 2019 is the result of a long-developing period. It is a perfect combination of a whole spa for the health of soul and a powerful, finely tuned fitness machine for improving your endurance.

Malaga style hot tub area

The spa is the same as our popular Malaga 2018; already well-known in the spa market. It is equipped with a waterfall and 3 laminar jets which makes a relaxing atmosphere by the visual effect. 40 massage jets are responsible for the best massage experience, and 50 sqf filter for the cleanest water.

Unique spa for the' perfect swimming experience

Brings the unique home spa experience for everyone by entering the world market, using the most innovative technology, with uncompromising quality.

Holiday Let Spa ' Winner of the 'What Spa?' Best Buy 2019 Award

Perfect tranquility - user - friendly solutions. Perfect solution for guesthouses, apartmans, holiday camps. It has only 2 single-button topside panels, so the customers/bathers don't have to bother about programming. They can only start and stop the massage function and control the LED lighting. The filter cycle, water temperature and other features' programming can be done on a control panel hidden under the side panel, or via a mobile phone application. Automatic chlorine dispenser provides christal clear water effortlessly.

Find us on stand B2 and C2 or visit our website: