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Take the Quantum Leap and refuse compromise

Take the Quantum Leap and refuse compromise
Quantum takes pool hygiene and water clarity to the ultimate level.

Quantum harnesses a revolutionary technology already used by high-profile industries such as hospitals, drinking and waste water purification.

Quantum uses new ceramic Nano Crystal technology: a prime focus of the science world today; possessing the power to sterilise sewage into drinking water without the use of chemicals. In fact, one of the many benefits of the Quantum is a significant reduction of residual chemicals, such as chlorine
or bromine.

Built to be installed easily into any existing set-up, the Quantum is completely safe and significantly more powerful than chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, UV or ozone. Photocatalytic oxidation has an immensely powerful effect with the ability to instantaneously destroy viruses, bacteria and pathogens, and more astoundingly possessing the ability to convert sun tan oil, urea and other contaminants back into their harmless molecular form.

Meticulously designed, Elecro have developed the first cost effective, photocatalytic oxidiser specifically for the swimming pool industry, for toxin free swimming. It eliminates undesirable side-effects such as sore eyes, itchy dry skin, discoloured hair and strong odour. It also makes water crystal clear, and most importantly it creates no risk to the lungs or health of bathers and swimming pool attendants.

Product overview

•    Safe: Only pure, sterilised water is released from the reaction chamber.

•    Clean: Makes the water sparkle like diamonds in a way never seen before.

•    Efficient: Consumes no more electricity than a common light bulb, providing continuous savings.

•    Effective: The only technology available with the ability to instantly destroy all viruses, bacteria and pathogens, and like no other device, will break down oil and contaminants.

•    Powerful: The sterilising effect of the Quantum photocatalytic oxidiser (PCO) exceeds the effects of boiling water.

•    Easy To Use: Comes pre-assembled with all necessary sensors and control components: no complicated parts to piece together. The bulb replacement indicator will alert after 9,000 hours of use.

•    Easy Installation: Corrosion resistant, regardless of any salt or chemical concentrations in the water. As the reaction surface is truly catalytic and therefore it is never consumed or altered.

Why Quantum?

With a wide range of products available on the market that offer a variety of technologies to sanitise swimming pool water, how do you decide what method is best for you? Sterilising swimming pools has always been a matter of finding a balance between using chemicals strong enough to destroy the most harmful germs that may cultivate in the pool, whilst at the same time limiting the negative impact of the treatment method on humans. Currently, chlorine is the most widely used sterilisation method. The side effects though can be irritation to the skin and eyes, and the inconvenience of continually topping up the dosage. 

Chlorine and ozone are also known to release gas that hovers above the swimming pool and can be hazardous to breathing. In contrast the photocatalytic oxidation reaction is contained within the reaction chamber releasing only pure, fresh water, clean enough to drink.

Quantum’s advanced cleaning technology replicates nature’s own technique for sterilising our planet, making it habitable. A photocatalytic oxidiser, known by scientists as “Nature’s Silver Bullet”, neutralises what chlorine cannot and achieves exponential reductions in unwanted bacteria, pathogens and viruses. Chlorine, ozone and UV are ineffective against Naegleria Fowleri and Adenovirus, whereas photocatalytic oxidation has proved that nothing escapes it. Built for ease of use – simply set and relax! With the Quantum you are in complete control.


How does it work? The Science...

Reaction 1: Quantum Photocatalytic Oxidiser (PCO)

Quantum works in a similar way to a cars exhaust system, where a catalyst uses the combination of heat and Platinum coated baffles to convert the poisonous gases coming from the engine into carbon dioxide and water.

Quantum uses light as fuel to energise its sophisticated catalyst array with rare elements including titanium dioxide anatase nanocatalyst. The resulting reaction, not only has the power to consume any oils or organics present in the water, it also possesses the power to abundantly and momentarily split the water molecules into what are called Hydroxyl Radicals, Superoxide and Singlet Oxygen, also known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). The combination of effects equip quantum with far more power to purify water than a chemical oxidising agent, such as chlorine or bromine.

Reaction 2: Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)

Reactive oxygen species are molecules derived from water with unpaired electrons, highly reactive, produced by the PCO reaction. 

The exceptionally mobile molecules that fill the reaction chamber are highly volatile and able to destroy everything in their path. Once the Reactive Oxygen Species reacts with the pollutant, it converts itself back into water.

Reactive Oxygen Species can be made in many ways, however instead of using more chemicals that are damaging to health, the Quantum utilises photocatalytic oxidation. This is the safest and most effective method against pollutants.