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Thermowood barrel saunas supplied by Spa Dispatch

Thermowood barrel saunas supplied by Spa Dispatch
Barrel saunas stocked by Spa Dispatch are available in different sizes and with extras, such as a panoramic window and a terrace
Barrel saunas crafted to endure the challenges of outdoors. The traditional barrel-shaped outdoor saunas are a perfect, relaxing getaway, easy to install in a backyard.

A sauna can provide many health benefits from stress reduction and better sleep to improvements in cardiovascular health. An outdoor build is a convenient way to access a spa-like state of relaxation.  Compact in size, the barrel saunas supplied by Spa Dispatch heat up efficiently and save space. Featuring thick Nordic thermo spruce, the barrels are easy to transport and install. Thermally treated wood has structural advantages and a lighter weight in comparison to untreated wood.

The thermo wood barrel saunas provide a unique combination of easy handling, excellent insulation and robust construction. A peaceful escape in the backyard, making the health benefits of sauna accessible in diverse settings.


About the materials  

Thermory, the world’s leader in sauna wood manufacturing, uses responsibly sourced spruce for their thermally treated panels. The process begins with checking each board to detect internal flaws. All premium materials are then heated at high temperatures in special heating chambers – thermokilns - and infused with steam to ensure their durability for the outdoor barrel saunas. Once naturally, thermally modified, Nordic spruce takes on a distinctive rustic and defined look that complements any outdoor space.  

The thermally modified boards can withstand a range of temperatures and climates with greater longevity when compared to traditionally treated, or untreated wood.  


5 features of the sauna barrels 


  • Sustainably sourced Northern European spruce with a brushed texture 

  • Chemical-free thermal modification that naturally enhances the durability of every board 

  • Unrivaled rot and moisture resistance with exceptional stability 

  • Excellent insulation properties to keep the heat in 

  • Intuitively engineered for DIY installations 


Come meet us at stand F32 to see one of the barrel saunas and chat to the team about different options and sizes.