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Water Testing - Are you HSG282 Compliant?

Water Testing - Are you HSG282 Compliant?
Lovibond HSG282 Test Kit
Hot tub Water Testing - A look at the requirements of HSG282, what needs to be measured and how to test it.

The Health & Safety Executive Guideline HSG282 was introduced in January 2017 and covers every Hot Tub or Spa in a commercial setting. The aim was to control and reduce the risk of Legionella associated with Hot Tub water and improve practices and most importantly set standards in water quality and testing.

The Guideline itself is divided into seven sections:

  • Legislative requirements  
  • Types and settings
  • Design and commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Testing and monitoring water quality

So what does the testing and water quality section cover? As well as giving details on how often the water should be changed, it covers the routine testing that needs to be carried out. Emphasis is on having a standard testing plan (how often, when etc) and an emergency plan if things go wrong.

HSG282 requires the following parameters to be measured regularly throughout the day: disinfectant (normally chlorine or bromine), pH and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and the guideline give details of the required levels. How often is regularly? This is for the operator to decide based on his or her own risk assessment but as a minimum, you should consider at least twice a day. The frequency of testing and times should be in your standard operating procedure.

How do you do the testing? Use a professional test system, record and log results Test strips are not recommended. The Lovibond HSG282 Photometer kit contains everything needed to meet the testing requirements of HSG282. Supplied in a rugged carrying/storage case the kit contains a photometer for chlorine, pH and bromine measurement, all the relevant reagents, accessories and a separate test pen for TDS. Everything in one kit to start testing straight away.

The guidance also outlines the monthly/quarterly microbiological testing required. Again, this should be covered in your standard operating procedure and has to be carried out by an accredited laboratory. Part of the requirement is for Legionella testing. Although this should regularly be tested for by an outside laboratory, we do offer in house test kits. These cannot replace the need for external analysis they can enhance your testing regime and improve user safety.

So, are you HSG282 compliant? If not the Lovibond HSG282 Photometer could be just what you need.