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Your Pool Hall deserves a good looking wall mounted dehumidifier from Meaco!

MEACO Hall: Hall 1 Stand: B31
Your Pool Hall deserves a good looking wall mounted dehumidifier from Meaco!
MeacoWall White swimming pool dehumidifier
All pool hall deserves a good looking wall mounted dehumidifier!

Once you have paid several thousand pounds to create your dream recreational space it is always a bit depressing to discover that this wonderful feature is self-destructing.  The high moisture levels generated by the pool will slowly but surely eat away at the decorations and the fabric of the building.  The warm, humid air will also condense on any glass walls or windows in the space.  This can quite quickly become an expensive nightmare.

So you need a wall-mounted dehumidifier by default to look after the pool hall and to protect your investment.  But having designed such a beautiful environment it is a pity that most dehumidifiers are just so plain ugly and they become a necessary but unfortunate eyesore within the space.

This is why the MeacoWall Ultra Quiet Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers will do so well, they are, by some way, the most attractive dehumidifiers on the market and the best solution to the issue of a room dehumidifier for a swimming pool hall.

The dehumidifiers are white and each model is finished off on the front edge with a coloured glass plate in either white or black to provide a unique look never seen before in a dehumidifier.

And at just 202mm deep they also do not take up much space and will hopefully become either something that is not noticed or a piece of engineering design to be admired and complimented.

If you need help with controlling the swimming pool humidity then please do give our technical team a call on 01483 234900 or email us via