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ZIPLEVEL precision altimeter/survey level for Pool installation

ZIPLEVEL precision altimeter/survey level for Pool installation

Its High Precision function can set negative edge with paper thin precision. Widely used in the American pool and spa industry, it does not need line of sight, so can work around obstacles, corners and in deep excavations. It can estimate infill volumes e.g. for hardcore, concreting or screeding; requires virtually no set-up and stores up to 135 measurements that can be recalled later. Much simpler to use than a laser or dumpy level, it is capable of working to a precision of 0.2mm'

ZIPLEVEL' Replaces Rotary Laser Levels :

  • True one-person operation

  • Transfers levels and measures height differences

  • Displays results digitally

  • NO line of sight needed:

    • Works around corners

    • Works from room to room

    • Works from floor to floor

    • Works in deep excavations

  • NO error with distance

  • NO calculations involved

  • NO periodic factory calibration

  • Needs only a brief familiarization session

  • Compact and lightweight; easily carried

  • Rapid set-up and pack-up

  • Precise to 0.2mm

  • Uses standard, 9v battery ' up to 12 months life

Available 'from importers, GroundsCare Products