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  • O'Clear
  • O'Clear
O'Clear O'Clear

In 2021, BIO-UV Group has launched O’Clear®, a unique water treatment system that guarantees a perfectly disinfected pool without the addition of chemicals!

The principle of water treatment by ultraviolet and salt

The water circulates inside a reactor where the UV-C, associated with O’Clear’s exclusive electrodes, eradicates all micro-organisms and thus ensures a flawless remanence with only 0.5g/liter of salt.

  • A 100% automatic, reliable and simple concept

    • Easy to install and compatible with all types of pools even pools with shutters.
    • Low maintenance and upkeep.
    • A “Plug & Play” system fully automatic.

  • All the comfort and softness of a water perfectly clear and bright

    • No more chlorine pebbles!
    • Water is perfectly disinfected and sanitized without any additional corrosive or toxic chemicals added.
    • No more stinging eyes, skin irritation or damaged hair!
    • No more chlorine odors in the water or air.

  • An innovation for a sustainable development

    • Only 1 bag of salt is needed instead of 7 to 10 for a conventional electrolysis for a 50m³ pool.
    • No overconsumption or overdosing of chemicals.
    • Non-corrosive treatment for the pool materials.

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