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Oscar - Cleaning that is easy to do

MARINER 3S AG Stand: G60

This is how it works:
Charge the battery, connect the telescopic pole to the cleaner, strap on the belt with the battery adapter, connect the adapter to the telescopic pole, fix the battery into the adapter, lower the cleaner into the pool and start the pump via the switch. Let's go!
Move the Oscar forward and backward over the pool floor to suck up the debris.

Where does the dirt that got sucked in go?

No strain on the pool filter system, as the dirt is transported into the filter box through two openings on the underside of the unit. Two lamella filter cartridges prevent the dirt collected in the filter box from escaping back into the pool. Once you have finished cleaning your pool, unlock the bracket that fixes the transparent lid and remove the lid. Grasp the filter box by the handle provided and transport it to the place where you want to remove the dirt from the filterbox and filter.

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