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Thermecro Solar Heater


Thermecro is a patented solar heating system that uses renewable energy from the sun and converts 92% of solar radiation that strikes it, into thermal energy to heat the water of residential pools, spas and aquatic installations. Thermecro is the most cost-effective solution to maintaining the desired temperature of any small to medium sized pool and is ideally recommended as a secondary heating device.

Unlike other solar heaters, Thermecro is not reliant on outside temperatures but can work optimally in all weather conditions, temperatures, and locations. However, for maximum efficiency, the system is most effective following long periods of exposure to the sun. 


  • Generates far more hot water per m² than any other solar heating system
  • Significantly reduces energy consumption
  • Achieves significantly higher temperatures than any other solar collector
  • Works by collecting solar radiation, not just direct sunlight
  • Eco-Friendly, reducing carbon footprint
  • Perfectly insulated so delivers hot water to your pool or spa with virtually zero losses
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