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Elecro Engineering Ltd, established in 1997 is a UK leading manufacturer and industry specialist in swimming pool, spa and aquatic heating & disinfection products. It has grown considerably, both through our excellent reputation for producing outstanding products and forging lasting relationships with respected clients, many of whom form the core distributors for our products. Elecro continuously research and develop new innovations and technologies, utilising cutting edge components. We closely scrutinise our entire product range, conduct market analysis to enable us to understand the changing needs of our customers so our products always meet your high expectations and special requirements. Our Design Engineers work closely together with co-operation from our clients to re-engineer our products to evolve our business and continue to meet market demand. The company has a well-balanced geographic footprint with leadership positions in both developed and developing markets, exporting to 70+ countries via a network of wholesalers, retailers and other distributors. We have built strong and lasting business relationships with our clients ensuring we have a thorough understanding of products and services. Our sought-after products have grown to be a renowned brand in the industry offering outstanding products of the highest quality and at extremely competitive prices.  



Unit 11, Gunnels Wood Park
Gunnels Wood Road
United Kingdom
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  • The Escalade is a fully welded, titanium, spiral tube heat exchanger that has a high-pressure tolerance, designed for the most demanding spas, residential pools and industrial applications. Connects t ...
  • Thermecro converts a staggering 92% of solar radiation that strikes it into hot water for your swimming pool or spa. Thermecro is not reliant on outside temperature or direct sunlight so, unlike any o ...
  • The SST (Shell & Spiral Tube) is a titanium, spiral tube heat exchanger with a rigid, uniquely formulated shell that has a high-pressure tolerance and provides the perfect solution for all demanding s ...
  • Quantum uses new ceramic Nano Crystal technology, a prime focus of the science world today; possessing the power to sterilise sewage into drinking water without the use of chemicals.
  • Reliable, accurate, silent and extremely efficient, the Flowline 2 heater is the perfect choice for residential pools and spas. A rust-resistant, fully titanium flow tube and heating element delivers ...
  • The super reflective properties of the Elecro H.R.UV-C optimises the UV-C radiation and dramatically increases the performance.
  • The perfect addition for all Elecro heat exchangers - A touchscreen heating or cooling controller with built in flow switch and temperature sensor for safe operation. Both products are available with ...
  • The corrosion-resistant, Nano Spa is the most compact, space saving, spa heater on the market. Operating in complete silence with a flow rate as low as 1m³/h and capable of effortlessly heating the sp ...
  • A highly convenient, remotely accessible, touchscreen heat controller for residential and commercial pools. Includes a flow switch and temperature sensor for accurate monitoring and a management syste ...
  • The most compact, rust-resistant, silent operated, above-ground pool heater on the market. Supplied with a plug for easy setup, the Nano Splasher is simple to operate, has dual safety features for pea ...
  • Designed for ponds and aquariums, this simple to use ‘plug & play'* aquatic heater is safe, reliable and highly efficient. For peace of mind, a thermostat dial gives full control over the desired wate ...
  • Our most popular electric pool heater worldwide, the Evolution 2, is available in analogue or multi-lingual digital display. This corrosion resistant, all titanium heater, provides high performance, s ...


  • Elecro Corporate Video

    Established in 1997, Elecro Engineering are a UK leading manufacturer and industry specialist in heating and disinfection products for commercial and residential swimming pools, spas and aquatics.
  • Thermecro Solar Heater

    Thermecro is a patented solar heating system that uses renewable energy from the sun and converts 92% of solar radiation that strikes it, into thermal energy for pools, spas and aquatic installations.
  • Quantum

    The most powerful photocatalytic pool steriliser on the market, harnesses a new revolutionary ceramic nano crystal technology possessing the power to sterilise sewage into drinking water...


  • What is Thermecro?

    With energy prices still at a high, and the onus on us as individuals to conserve our planets resources, now is the time to consider how Thermecro can reduce your energy bills and help to preserve our ...
  • I can't express enough gratitude to Michele and her exceptional team for orchestrating yet another amazing show this year. The event ran seamlessly, providing us with the perfect platform to connect f ...
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