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Stand: E30
  • | Above Ground Pools - metal
  • | Above Ground Pools - wooden
  • | Chemical Equipment & Dosing
  • | Counter Current Swimming Equipment
  • | Covers - Automatic
  • | Dehumidifiers
  • | Filters
  • | In-Ground Pools - Liner
  • | Lighting / Underwater & Sound
  • | Maintenance
  • | Plant Room Controls
  • | Pool Cleaners - Automatic
  • | Pool Heaters - Electric
  • | Pool Heaters - Heat Exchangers
  • | Pool Heaters - Heat Pumps
  • | Pool Kits
  • | Pumps
  • | Water Treatment - Salt Chlorinators
  • | Water Treatment - UV

Come and visit the Lighthouse Pools stand to immerse yourself in Heatform, Lighthouse's new, environmentally friendly pool system. Find out about the benefits of the Zodiac MagnaPool® magnesium-based water treatment solution and our Zodiac® robot swimming pool cleaners.

HeatForm has transformed the swimming pool construction process, whilst the added value of insulation keeps expensive heating bills to a minimum, helping to reduce the amount of energy required to keep pools at a comfortable temperature.

Not only does this reduce the amount of energy being wasted through heat loss, but also helps the environment by using empty plastic (PET) bottles to form the insulated section of the pool wall. 

MagnaPool® is an exclusive chlorinator solution that combines the natural properties of the patented magnesium-based MagnaPool minerals with an exceptionally fine filtration system, providing water without any chlorine smell or any eye or skin irritation. 

Zodiac Electric robotic cleaners are precise. Whatever the shape and dimensions of the pool, Zodiac robots reach every corner, climb the walls and clean the water line. These robotic cleaners are truly all-terrain: they adapt to all kinds of surfaces, perfectly grip the walls and get over obstacles easily. 


Unit 7 Meadow Close
5 Boringdon Terrace
United Kingdom
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