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NIVEKO s.r.o.

Stand: C52
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NIVEKO is one of the leading pool manufacturers in the European market. NIVEKO is constantly expanding and now operates in 18 countries through commercial partner agencies. In 2018, NIVEKO will become part of the major Pollet Pool Group NV.

By keeping up with the trends and the latest technologies, NIVEKO has become synonymous with first-class pools. The company´s good name is a great obligation and motivation to build pools that are well-planned down to the smallest detail and that not only meet the demands for quality of construction, but also the ideas and wishes of their customers.

From the first design, we work in close contact with the client, architect or designer. Maximum support in the form of 3D models and technical drawing documentation is a matter of course. After-sales service and long-term customer care are inseparable from all projects. Our pools are manufactured using special High-Tech Polymer material for pool construction. The quality of the material lies mainly in its extremely long life and high resistance to chlorine. The material contains UV stabilizers, so it does not age and looks like new even after years. NIVEKO's wide range includes skimmer and overflow pools.


NIVEKO s.r.o.
Nivnicka 2716
Uhersky Brod
Czech Republic
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  • The opportunity to enjoy the vastness of water that fades out into the horizon.This is the perfect pool for a house with a slightly sloping garden. The overflow edge of the Infinity can be placed on t ...
  • The Overflow Underflow combines the main advantages of skimmer pools excellent water efficiency, with a breath-taking design that can most often be found in overflow pools. The firm’s unique know-how ...
  • This option being the best choice for customers who won’t settle for anything less than an uncompromising pool design – this is the Overflow Advance in a nutshell. Suitable for installation indoors or ...
  • The timeless design of the Evolution offers a style that will never lose its wonder. The discreet transition between the overflow edge combined with the surroundings of the pool projects a spectacle o ...
  • The Overflow Multi is the basic type of overflow pool. It is designed for easy instalment and maintenance. The overflow itself offers a number of options to choose from such as the classic PVC grid yo ...
  • The Skimmer Invisible is NIVEKO’s original view of a popular concept, although it has enriched that with its typical touch of precision craftsmanship and feel for innovative technical solutions. The w ...
  • Processes and solutions proven over the years offer tradition coupled with quality craftsmanship. The Skimmer Top Level offers the best solution of a classic pool. This skimmer pool type, is always a ...


  • News, innovations and unique solutions have long been the traditional domain of the NIVEKO brand. The company’s philosophy, with an emphasis on constant progress, is also fully reflected in its market ...
  • Introducing the NIVEKO Custom Pool Sign We come up with a novelty that will highlight the uniqueness of each pool and give it a personal value. Customers can now add a personal touch to their pool wit ...
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