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SCUBA 3S - Stand E16

SCUBA 3S - Stand E16

Meet the New Scuba3s

The Scuba3s, the latest in electronic pool testing, is here to revolutionise your pool and hot tub maintenance. This sleek device is all about speed, versatility, and ease of use, making it a must-have for pool owners worldwide.

With its built-in NFC chip, the Scuba3s allows seamless wireless data transfer to your smartphone. Just think of it like making a contactless payment – a quick tap, and all your pool data, from measurements to results, is instantly available on the intuitive PoolAssistant app. Plus, your data is securely stored in the cloud for added convenience.

The PoolAssistant app gives you a quick snapshot of your pool's health, accessible anytime, anywhere. Share the data with up to three users for multiple pools, and let the app turn results into easy-to-understand diagrams for better pool care.

Scuba3s goes beyond with 11 tests, giving you precise control over water quality. Easily check chlorine, bromine, pH levels, and more with a few simple button presses. The ergonomic design ensures comfort in your hand, while the waterproof build makes it your trusted companion for all pool adventures.

Embrace the future of pool maintenance with Scuba3s – where style meets functionality, and managing your pool data is a breeze.