Tuesday 29th January – Thursday 31st January 2019
Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry, CV6 6GE


  • Be Well O460

    Be Well O460

    Superior Spas

    Be Well Spas are manufactured in Canada to withstand the harshest of environments. Complete with some of the best components available in a spa, the Be Well O460 is a perfect addition to any contemporary or modern garden. It's stunning hydrotherapy pumps and luxurious jets deliver fantastic hydrotherapy massage experiences. A must see at Spatex 2019!
  • Pool Plant Onsite Designated Supervisors (ODS) Course
    The Onsite Designated Supervisor Course is Available in the Leisure Industry that includes Practical Skills, and is an essential award for all leisure facilities staff members who work within a swimming pool who are expected to carry out tasks within plant room areas, this is inclusive of Supervisors, Duty Officers, Recreation Attendants, Maintenance/Plant Operators and Managers. This course is proving to be so successful that it is now fully booked out for 2017, and bookings are now being taken for 2018.
  • Gold Horizons - Premium Hot Tub Chemical Range
    Complete Pool Controls are bringing some of the world leading chemical technologies to its Gold Horizons Premium Spa Chemical range, for hot tub users. The new Premium Spa Chemical range is designed to provide improved user performance, alongside greater user convenience, all wrapped up in highly attractive eye catching packaging. Perhaps when it comes to chemical solutions for hot tub owners “all that glitters is indeed gold”!
  • ARDEX A 46 Multi-Purpose External Repair Mortar
    ARDEX A 46 is ideal for the rapid repair of internal and external floors and walls. - Ideal for the rapid repair of damaged concrete - Sets within 30 minutes - Slump free consistency is ideal for wall and floor repairs - Apply from 2-50mm thick - For internal and external use - Easy to smooth and float - Shrinkage compensated, and crack free
  • Hidden Infinity Edge Spa
    This Spa was a sectional spa installed in the south of France. The spa was built into the surround including a hidden infinity edge as well as the hidden balance tank.
  • Hot Tub & Swim Spa Scene
  • ARDEX WPC Flexible Rapid Drying Waterproof Protection Coating
    ARDEX WPC creates a waterproof coating that prevents water penetrating through the tiling background, which could otherwise result in costly damage to walls, floors and ceilings in adjacent rooms. - Protects moisture sensitive backgrounds such as plasterboard from moisture ingress - Ideal for use in commercial and domestic wetrooms, showers and bathrooms - RAPIDRY Formula allows tiling to commence after 90 minutes - Quick and easy to apply with a roller, paint brush or trowel - FREE roller & scrim tape in every box - Adjustable mix consistency suitable for filling holes and gaps, as well as for general application - Suitable for wall and floor applications - Suitable for internal areas
  • Portman Mosaic

    Portman Mosaic

    Waxman Ceramics

    The range of 32x62.5cm anti-slip tiles recreate the look of sedimentary rock upon a glazed porcelain surface to ensure durability whilst still upholding authenticity in its design. Using digital printing technology to create the realistic effect of natural stone, Portman offers various organic tones of Almond, Anthracita and Arena while maintaining unique characteristics. Each colour variation in the Portman range complements one another, which increases application potential for pool designers and finishers by offering abundant possibilities in terms of both design and implementation. Furthermore, the range includes step treads in each colour option to optimise poolside areas with continuous tiling that upholds anti-slip requirements throughout. R11 rated with a slip resistance of grade C in the DIN 51097 and + 36 on the pendulum, Portman is both a safe and stylish solution for poolside areas and beyond.
  • The new name in hot tubs
  • RGB led bar IP68
  • ARDEX ST Neutral Cure Elastic Silicone Sealant
    - Use for sealing joints in changing rooms - Available in transparent and 13 colours that complement the most popular ARDEX-FLEX Tile Grout colours
    OLYMPIC is a marque product made exclusively by Alukov. With its eye catching design and option to have one or two domes at each end gives the user multiple usage options.
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