Tuesday 29th January – Thursday 31st January 2019
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  • Portman Mosaic

    Portman Mosaic

    Waxman Ceramics

    The range of 32x62.5cm anti-slip tiles recreate the look of sedimentary rock upon a glazed porcelain surface to ensure durability whilst still upholding authenticity in its design. Using digital printing technology to create the realistic effect of natural stone, Portman offers various organic tones of Almond, Anthracita and Arena while maintaining unique characteristics. Each colour variation in the Portman range complements one another, which increases application potential for pool designers and finishers by offering abundant possibilities in terms of both design and implementation. Furthermore, the range includes step treads in each colour option to optimise poolside areas with continuous tiling that upholds anti-slip requirements throughout. R11 rated with a slip resistance of grade C in the DIN 51097 and + 36 on the pendulum, Portman is both a safe and stylish solution for poolside areas and beyond.
  • The new name in hot tubs
  • ARDEX ST Neutral Cure Elastic Silicone Sealant
    - Use for sealing joints in changing rooms - Available in transparent and 13 colours that complement the most popular ARDEX-FLEX Tile Grout colours
  • ARDEX WPC Waterproof Protection Coating
    - Use to waterproof showers in changing rooms prior to fixing ceramic tiles - Tile after 90 minutes - Quick and easy to apply
  • Introducing Syclope a  ProMinent Company
  • Wapping Hydrotherapy Spa
    One of our standard deck level Hydrotherapy spas with integrated loungers and volcano pads
  • Sauna
  • Aeris horizontal
    The Aeris range are controlled 'Fresh Air' ventilation for pools units. They feature a variable flow design that benefits from the very latest energy capture, monitoring and fan design technologies. They are some 10 years ahead of some designs on the market (eg: variable speed fans have been available on Recotherm units for 20 years and have been part of building regulations for the last 9 years and yet some manufacturers haven’t evolved, they still use belt driven single speed motors) Recotherm’s high-efficiency plate exchangers recover the heat in the exhaust air and transfer it to the supply air. The use of EC blue fans to control the amount of air being circulated means electrical energy savings of up to 80% Completely adaptable to individual plant room configurations, each unit comes with alternative duct connections and is available in three formats Vertical, Horizontal and DR
  • InstaTest Strips
    LaMotte's range of Insta-Test test strips are a world leading water test strip designed with the user in mind. Features include a high density, desiccant lined bottle to provide moisture and light protection, stable colour development, and no cross contamination between pads. Insta-Test are available in a variety of combinations depending on your application. From the basic 3 and 4-way strips which measure Free Chlorine/Bromine, Total Alkalinity, pH and Hardness or Cyanuric Acid, to speciality strips including copper, salt and phosphate, the range is extensive and complete.
  • Pumps and Filters
  • Test 4
  • ARDEX-FLEX FS Flexible Tile Grout with Built-In Admix
    - Suitable for wall and floor tiling in swimming pools and changing rooms - Water repellent and dirt resistant - For joints up to 4mm wide - Available in 35 colours
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