Tuesday 29th January – Thursday 31st January 2019
Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry, CV6 6GE


NEW - Air pollution and how it effects the swimming pool industry

SPATEX Seminar Arena 2

If a client chooses to have a swimming pool it is reasonable to assume that they are health conscious. A lot of time is spent ensuring that the water they swim in is healthy…but what about the air?  We keep the air at the correct temperature and humidity to ensure that the environment is comfortable, but we don’t look at how healthy it is.

Now to be fair, until recently, we didn’t know there was a problem, we all assumed that if the air looked clean then it was.  But new research has shown that it is the very small invisible particles that are the most damaging to our health. The World Health Organisation state that most air pollution-related deaths are from non-communicable diseases (NCDs). In terms of global disease burden, air pollution is the cause of over one-third of deaths from stroke, lung cancer, and chronic respiratory disease, and one-quarter of deaths from ischaemic heart disease.  It is a growing problem and unfortunately our large cities are effected.

In this talk we will explain the problem and offer some solutions. 

Craig Chapman - Camfil

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