Tuesday 29th January – Thursday 31st January 2019
Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry, CV6 6GE


NEW - Hydrotherapy for dogs: what are the benefits of aquatic therapy?

SPATEX Seminar Arena 2

Increasingly more pet owners are taking their dog for specialised hydrotherapy sessions. Reasons for dogs to be referred to a hydrotherapy centre include to aid post-surgical rehabilitation, to manage chronic conditions and for general fitness and conditioning. Despite the frequency of referral, there is limited evidence examining how swimming or other forms of aquatic exercise (for example, walking on a water treadmill) benefit dogs in terms of their movement. Recent research has now started to explore the evidence base for the use of canine hydrotherapy. The purpose of this research is to help to inform the protocols that hydrotherapists use when treating dogs to ensure that aquatic exercise always provides optimal benefit to individual animals.

Alison Wills - Hartpury College

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