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Colin Day - FISPE

Colin Day - FISPE


Colin Day has over 35 years’ experience in the water analysis market and has now been at Lovibond Tintometer for over 17 years, specialising in the leisure and environmental markets and helping to develop the water analysis product strategy. With a degree in Biology, a council member and fellow of ISPE (Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers) and current Chair of PWTAG, Colin is more than qualified to talk on all good practices in water testing.

Colin’s main role within the company is helping customers with their water testing queries, discussing their needs, advising which test system would be best for them and working with our distributions network. Should problems occur, he also helps out with trouble shooting though this is, naturally, a very small part of his responsibilities. He also runs the training program Lovibond offer for leisure customers

“Working in the leisure industry is very rewarding. Most know the importance of good water analysis, record-keeping on swimmer safety, plant maintenance and chemical control but there are still some grey areas.” Therefore one of his key objectives is to increase the awareness of how important water testing is and how it should be carried out correctly.

Outside of preaching about water testing, Colin has many other interests including playing bowls, watching non-league football and enjoying a good book.